How to Spot a Narcissist
Signs of a person who has narcissistic tendencies

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A true narcissist has a lot more going on than just a devoted relationship with their phone camera. It’s a diagnosable personality disorder that forms early in life.

  “We often think narcissism means vanity, but being a narcissist is quite different,” explains Hannah Martin, [a] psychotherapist.

  So, does this condition spring from birth, or is it a learned behavior? The jury’s still out—though most experts point to a person’s upbringing, rather than their biology.

  But one thing is certain: Spending time around a narcissist can do a number on your mental health. If you recognize many of the harmful behaviors on this list, it’s possible you’re dealing with a narcissist.


Signs of a narcissist

   The following signs are commonly seen in narcissists, but this is by no means an exhaustive explanation.


1. Theyll do and say anything to prove theyre the best

  Narcissists believe they’re superior to those around them and will lie to build up the grand image they have of themselves. At the same time, their grand sense of self-importance drives them to dream big. To rationalize these dreams, they spin a web of stories with little ties to reality.

  If their lies are really starting to get to you, do what you can to put distance—physical and emotional—between the two of you.


2. They’re desperate for your affirmation

  One of the most important things to understand about a narcissist is that they feed off other people’s attention.

  You might compliment their new bag, but they’ll push for more. “Isn’t the color amazing? Guess which designer it’s by?”

  Needless to say, conversations can become very one-sided—and tiring. The best advice here is to recognize why they act this way and try to feed into it as little as possible.


3. They’re entitled

  A narcissist believes theyre entitled to the best with very little effort. Unfortunately, when this doesnt come to fruition, the result is often drama and tantrums.



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